Getting Started


First, you need to download the plugins. You can do so here. Once you have it downloaded, open the folder that you downloaded it to.


Start with the simple install, and if it doesn't work, then use the advanced install.

Double click gsoft-Updater.jar. After double clicking, you should get a popup message saying it was successfully installed.

If it opens a zip program, or gives you an error, that means a program has overwritten the jar file association. You can fix this by downloading a program called Jarfix. Once you download jarfix, simply run it, then try the previous step.

If it still gave you an error, go to the advanced install.


- Press the Windows key + r
- Paste the following text into the bar %userprofile%\.openosrs\plugins
- Press Ok -> folder opens
- Drag gsoft-Updater.jar into the folder and reload openosrs


- "$HOME/.openosrs/plugins"
- Drag "gsoft-Updater.jar" into the Plugins folder
- The ".openosrs" folder may be hidden by default, you may have to unhide it.
** Use the following key combination to show hidden folders/files: CMD + SHIFT + .


First, you need to start OpenOSRS. Once its booted and you're in the login screen, open the setting panel. Find the plugin called Gsoft Updater and open the settings. You'll see a place to put your Plat Key and your Bronze Key. If you're a Platinum user you need to enter your key in both fields.

Once you've entered the key, restart OpenOSRS.